One of the great benefits of the internet is that you can expand on your work history in a way you can’t do in a one-page resume. You can download my resume in PDF, but I’ve expanded on it and included some other fun stuff I’ve done that you normally would not put in resume-form.

Jobs I’ve Held

I am currently a PTAC counselor for the state of Indiana. The followup to that is usually “What’s a PTAC counselor?” PTAC is a nationwide program funded by the federal government to help small businesses navigate the complicated world of local, state, and federal procurement. The government realized it’s hard for small businesses to break into selling to the federal government when they are competing against the likes of Lockheed Martin. My job with this program consists of counseling small businesses on all issues related to contracting, from registrations and certifications, to marketing, to finding and bidding on opportunities, to understanding the requirements once they have the contract. I work one-on-one with businesses and also teach group workshops and seminars on topics relevant to small business government contracting.

Previously I worked for Dade Moeller & Associates, an environmental health and safety firm, as a contracts specialist. I handled contracts on both the commercial and government side of operations and provided contracting support to all of the company’s nationwide offices. I managed the subcontracts for all of the company’s contracts and even developed the subcontract documents used by the company in the time I was employed. I was responsible for handling all of my contracts from “cradle to grave”, including negotiation, administration, and closeout. We handled a wide variety of contract types, including various types of cost, fixed-price, and T&M contracts. I was also called on many times by management to assist with interfacing with DCAA.

My first job after graduation was with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) as an auditor. In that role, I was responsible for writing and performing audits, including incurred cost, timekeeping, CAS, internal controls, and forward pricing, among others. I would interface with representatives of contractors both large and small to obtain information necessary to complete audits. Sometimes this information was not given willingly or required diligence to receive. I learned valuable lessons in extracting information, processing it, and ultimately handling it in a way that could result in negative outcomes from those providing the information.

While in school, I also worked multiple retail and customer service jobs. This is notable because in each I ultimately served in a supervisory or management role.

Business I Ran

For over four years I owned a business in which I purchased outstanding financial judgments and enforced them myself. When a business or individual goes to court and wins a judgment against someone, there is no one to enforce it for them. Particularly in small claims where the plaintiff represented themselves, many such judgments go unenforced. I would legal purchase the rights to the judgment and pursue payment myself given all legal means. It was not the same as collections in that I had a court order saying I had the right to collect the money.

Education I’ve Received

I graduated from St. Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I had stopped and started at two other universities and had to stop at each due to severe circumstances beyond my control. That said, I never gave up on the ideal of completing the degree and took advantage of an opportunity to complete the degree entirely online while still living in Indiana. Having attended school in both live and online settings, I can personally attest that attending school online, particularly from a school that also has a physical campus, should be every bit as respected. The curriculum was challenging, fair, and had solid oversight, and I am proud to have earned my degree in this manner.

Having completed my undergrad degree online, I later pursued a graduate MBA degree online as well through Western Governors University (WGU). I pushed myself and took advantage of their accelerated program, despite also working a full time day job, and graduated in one year.

Additional Skills and Organizations

I am a member of several organizations. I am a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), under which I achieved their CFE certification. I am also a member of the Indianapolis chapter of the National Contract Management Association, where I previously served on the board and as an officer, and am in the process of pursuing the CPCM certification. Through my current job I am a member of the national APTAC association for PTACs, where I have previously served on a tech committee dedicated to pursuing positive changes in technology, particularly the website. Lastly, I am a member of Toastmasters International in an effort to improve my public speaking skills.

I also have a number of tech-related skills. Having worked with Microsoft office daily for over 10 years at a professional level, I have become an expert in all of their applications. More importantly, I have also developed skills in a number of accounting and project management related programs, including beginning level programs such as Quickbooks through more complicated systems such as Deltek Costpoint and Peoplesoft.

Random About-Me Things

There are always some things about people that don’t come through in a resume or even a formal interview type setting that can not only humanize them, but show their personality. Often this is the “what do you like to do for fun?” question in an interview. For me these include things like:

I love to travel. I’ve stepped foot in all 50 states in my lifetime, as well as 14 foreign countries.

I love sports. I have held season tickets to the Indy Eleven as well as the Indiana University soccer team. I regularly attend other pro and college games as my checkbook allows. I was a finalist (but ultimately not selected, unfortunately) to play on the Sports Jeopardy television show.

I love trivia. In addition to Sports Jeopardy, I also tried out for Jeopardy with Alex Trebek, and made it to the final stage, being invited to Culver City, CA. Unfortunately I never got to appear on the show, but I do still have the pen and notepad they gave me.

I love to cook. Especially bake. I have been known to randomly show up at work with cookies or a pie, or more likely, a cake.

I love to eat even more. I am adventurous in trying new restaurants and new dishes at restaurants and have a goal of eating at least once at every restaurant in town.