As part of my day job, I teach small business owners how to market to government customers. One of those key principles is to provide as much info in as little space as possible to make it quickly digestible. With that in mind, here’s my own story in bullet point format:

  • Lives in Bloomington, Indiana with wife and son and two dogs after growing up in Indianapolis, with stops along the way in Houston, Cincinnati, Lafayette IN, San Diego, and the Tri-Cities in Washington state.
  • Works for the state of Indiana as a PTAC counselor, assisting small businesses with issues related to local, state, and federal contracting. Previously worked as a DCAA auditor and a contracts specialist for a large government contractor.
  • Writes, blogs, and does public speaking on the side on a wide variety of topics.
  • Is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), working on my CPA, and highly interested in a future in forensic accounting.
  • Has a bachelor’s in Accounting from St. Leo University (FL) and an MBA from Indiana’s Western Governors University (WGU).
  • Loves sports and has held season tickets to several teams
  • Absorbs culture in Bloomington: music at many venues, dining at the diverse restaurants (goal: eat everywhere at least once), IU-related speaking and culture events, sports…you name it